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A Choice for Wellness - from the inside-out:

through Ayurvedic Medicine

Time flies - unless you’re in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. You might browse through a magazine or even bring a book with you, but still, your life seems to be ‘on hold’ during those long, waiting hours.

Last year I went through dozens of medical tests. You might say I was on a medical merry-go-round, because each test result failed to confirm a specific diagnosis; so, more tests were always ordered. Before I knew it, eight months of my life had been spent in doctors’ offices.

Looking back, I remember that I was intensely motivated to find an explanation for my one, very strange episode of right facial numbness. I was almost robotic-like in my agreement to go forward with one test after another. As the tests continued, I fell into an intense fatigue that lasted for months. The biggest suspicion, after ruling out a stroke or Bells Palsy, or a brain tumor or brain cancer, was the onset of Multiple Sclerosis. But even that possibility remained impossible to prove.

Perhaps the most curious thing was that my odd symptom of right facial numbness almost completely reversed itself in about six weeks, without any form of treatment. So why did I continue to go through all those tests?

Well, something had happened to me, and we wanted to know why. However, even after all those months of testing, both neurologists agreed: the answers remained elusive and no diagnosis could be confirmed.

By the time my doctors expected me to begin a third round of tests, I started paying attention to my own intuition: there justhad to be another way to wellness. But I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Then I was lucky enough to have lunch with a friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in a few months.

When she walked into the restaurant, she seemed to glide towards our table. It wasn’t the weight loss - although yes, she had lost weight – it was something else. She was radiant – she was glowing. She looked younger, free from stress, refreshed. Clearly she had been transformed from the inside out.

Over lunch I learned that she had been under the care of Dr. Erika Crotta, an Ayurvedic doctor. Dr. Crotta helped my friend get her body back into balance. “Everything begins with good digestion,” my friend told me, and although I had never heard of Ayurvedic Medicine, I was intrigued.

I was surprised to learn that Ayurvedic Medicine has been around for 5,000 years, and that it is fully recognized by the World Health Organization as a complete system of healthcare. I also learned that Ayurvedic Medicine is often used as a compliment to traditional modern (Western) Medicine. Thinking about what she was telling me (and that fact that she is well educated and goes to the Mayo Clinic each year for a complete medical workup), I began to feel that Ayurvedic Medicine might indeed be the alternative path for me to take back to wellness.

The key difference is that modern medicine is highly specialized, diagnosing and treating the symptoms of very specific areas of our body. In Ayurvedic medicine, the doctor looks at the whole body and how everything works together. Dr. Crotta seeks out the root cause of the symptom, and then recommends a number of simple changes to correct that imbalance. This process not only dissolves the uncomfortable symptom, but leads to many surprising wonderful side benefits - like weight loss, restful sleep, improved energy and clarity of mind - because all of our parts are connected! It sounds simple, and happily, it is.

I have learned that each of us is born with our own, unique digestive strength. This is one of the keys to wellness – learning your own digestive strength - and how to eat in a very warm and nourishing and satisfying way that supports that system. By making a few easy and delicious changes to the way you eat, you can easily begin to understand the Ayurvedic phrase, “Food As Medicine”.

It is astonishing to recognize that nature provides us with everything we need to achieve wellness. But we get so caught up in our hurried lifestyles that we forget to stop and take advantage of all the goodness readily available to us. By making easy adjustments to our daily routine, we can begin the process of restoring our natural state of good health.

My husband, who was skeptical, jumped on board after seeing dramatic changes in me in the first two weeks, and now he is now also enjoying a newfound wellness, brimming with energy and bliss.

Dr. Crotta is a Heilpraktiker (German naturopathic degree) with a PhD in physiology who specializes in Ayurvedic Medicine. She has been my doctor and mentor now for four months. I am different physically - by changing a few simple habits and giving my body the time it needed to heal and turn towards balance, I have also enjoyed an effortless weight loss, more restful sleep, eyes that no longer need eye drops, a new radiance in my skin, the curl back in my hair and a newfound strength coming from within. I am different emotionally, too. I recover so much quicker from stress, and self assurance seems to blanket my days with a calm feeling of happiness.

Dr. Crotta is sincerely focused about what she does. She will tell you right away that it is her goal to get each of her patients to the point of “self-referral”. This means that we will be able to tell when things ‘aren’t right’ and know exactly how to make little corrections in our daily lives, to regain and sustain wellness.

This process can take anywhere from 6 months to a year of working with her on a monthly basis. She schedules and keeps her appointments on time, there’s lots of free parking and her office is pleasant and private. The whole process is quite enjoyable.

It’s a new year - and we already know that time flies – so why not make this the year that you find your own path to perfect health?

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