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Health Consultations

The initial Ayurvedic Health Consultation is conducted by a qualified Ayurvedic consultant and includes the following components:

  • Identification of physical, mental or emotional imbalances through the traditional diagnostic tools of Ayurvedic pulse reading and the patient’s history.

  • Identifying imbalances long before a disease arises, from the initial stages of imbalance, which is an ideal tool for prevention.

  • Identification of the root cause of imbalance or disease.

  • Determining the strength of the patient’s digestive system and giving dietary recommendations that fit his/her digestive strength.

  • Mild and deep purification programs to remove water- and fat-soluble toxins from the body.

  • Provide steps to strengthen the immune system.

  • Teaches the individual how to listen to the body’s signals, and how to become self-referral.

  • Shows the individual how to change any unhealthy habits gradually.

  • Provides many simple tips to stay healthy.

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